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The urban neighbourhoods of East Calgary are a mosiac of cultures and tastes that can inspire but also alienate.  Being a good neighbour is a calling to participate in the community with understanding and curiosity. Jesus famously instructed his followers to love your neighbour as yourself. When he was asked, “Who is my neighbour?”, he told the story of the good Samaritan.

In the story the true hero ended up being the despised Samaritan. He was the only one who could look past his prejudices to a hurting person, no different than himself and offer help.    Soulwarehouse exists to encourage the kind of community where neighbours are loved without judgment in the same way as we all desire to be loved.  We all have something to give, but sometimes our diversity hinders us.  Studies show that as diversity increases within Canadian cities, people become more isolated.  Perhaps this happens because we don’t know where to begin.  It all starts with something as simple as hello.   Let’s get started.


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